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About Us

Who We Are

About Us

Le Même is a ladies only luxurious spa located in the elegant Al Manarat Lusail Tower, in the heart of Lusail’s Marina District.

Our Spa is inspired to give you an opportunity to leave behind your daily routine and refocus on yourself.

An escape to rediscover your youth and beauty, and to leave our spa feeling re-energized and refreshed.

Be yourself.

SPA Interior

In our world class facilities, we offer an array of services including manicures, pedicures, massages and skin care.

Indulge yourself at our coffee bar with our selected beverages and explore our unique vibrant and trendy atmosphere.

Fun Facts

A dentist invented artificial nails.
In 1934, dentist Maxwell Lappe came up with a product he called Nu Nails — an artificial nail created specifically for nail biters. Dentists must have a thing for nail care, because the first modern acrylic nails were developed by dentist Fred Slack.